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Overview of additional libraries

Lists the available measurement libraries.
The following table outlines the libraries available to collect Analytics data across all available platforms. For more information, see Data Collection in Analytics.
Location Options
Web Browser
All Experience Cloud customers have access to Dynamic Tag Management , which is the standard for deploying JavaScript and HTML page tags for all solutions to your website.
Other ways of implementing JavaScript and HTML measurement are described in the Analytics Implementation Guide .
Web Server
You can use native PHP and Java libraries on your web server to send analytics data.
The Data Insertion API lets you send XML data directly to the data collection server using HTTP POST and GET, and Data Sources lets you send delimited hit data directly to Analytics.
Mobile Device
Native libraries are provided for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, Symbian, and others.
Flash apps using ActionScript can be measured on the desktop and on the web.
Video measurement across all platforms is available in the following guides:
REST and SOAP Web Services (on Developer Connection )