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Migrating to AppMeasurement for JavaScript

The following table contains a list of tasks you need to perform to migrate your implementation.
We recommend migrating to the Identity Service when you migrate to AppMeasurement for JavaScript.
Check plug-in compatibility
Where: s\_code.js
Some plug-ins are no longer supported. See AppMeasurement Plug-in Support .
Download the new AppMeasurement
Where: Admin > Code Manager
The download zip contains a minified AppMeasurement.js file, and Javascript files for the Media and Integrate modules.
Copy your s\_code.js customization to AppMeasurement.js .
Where: s\_code.js and AppMeasurement.js
Move all code that appears before the DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE section in s\_code.js to the beginning of AppMeasurement.js.
(Optional) Update plug-ins
Where: AppMeasurement.js
If you are using the getQueryParam plug-in, update these calls to use the new utility, Util.getQueryParam .
(Optional) Update Media and Integrate modules
Where: AppMeasurement.js
If you are using either of these modules, copy and paste the code from AppMeasurement\_Module\_Media.js and/or AppMeasurement\_Module\_Integrate.js and paste it just before the DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE in AppMeasurement.js.
Deploy new JavaScript
Where: Your website
The new JavaScript file can be deployed according to your standard process. Your existing page code is compatible with this version.