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Connect users across devices

This method of identifying visitors across devices is no longer recommended. Please refer to the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op Documentation .
Cross-device visitor identification helps you connect visitors across multiple devices. Cross-device visitor identification uses the visitor ID variable, s.visitorID, to associate a user across devices.
When you provide a visitor ID variable with a hit, the system checks for any other visitor profiles that have a matching visitor ID. If one exists, the visitor profile that is already in the system is used from that point forward and the previous visitor profile is no longer used.
The visitor ID is typically set after authentication, or after a visitor performs some other action that enables you to uniquely identify them independently of the device that is used. We recommend creating a hash of the username or an internal ID that does not contain any personally identifiable information.
In the previous example , after the customer signs on from each device, they are all associated with the same user profile. If the visitor later signs out on a device, stitching continues to work since the visitor IDs that are stored in a cookie on each device are already associated with the same visitor profile. We recommend populating the s.visitorID variable whenever possible in case the visitor ID cookie is deleted.

Unique Visitor and Visits Counts

Consider the following connection sequence for two devices:
On the first data connection
  • Visitor de-duplication is not retroactive.
After authentication on the laptop, hits with either visitor ID ( nv1 or cust1 ) will be considered the same individual by Adobe Analytics. However, visitor de-duplication is not retroactive, so 2 unique visitors are counted.
On the first data connection on the mobile device the customer is not recognized so a new unique visitor is counted. Once the user is authenticated ( cust1 ) on the mobile device, Adobe Analytics maps cust1 back to the visitor ID provided on the main site, so no more unique visits are incremented.
Each new device or browser authenticated will add 1 unique visitor.
On subsequent data connections
On subsequent data connections to authenticated devices unique visitors are not incremented.