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Implement Adobe opt-outs

Some visitors to your website may prefer not to have their browsing information aggregated and analyzed by Adobe Experience Cloud products and services or used to provide relevant content and advertising. Adobe offers you the ability to provide visitors to your website a means to opt out of their information being collected by the following Adobe products:
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Audience Targeted Creative
  • Adobe AudienceManager
  • Adobe AdLens
  • Adobe Experience Manager

Privacy policy recommendations

Adobe recommends that you provide your website visitors with easy-to-find and easy-to-understand information regarding the ability to opt out of having their browsing information collected by Adobe products or services.
Visitors can learn more about how Adobe generally uses information it collects in connection with providing our products and services to our customers in the Adobe Privacy Center . However, because you exclusively control how to implement our services on your web sites, it is up to you to describe to your website visitors the specific ways in which they use our products and services. You are responsible for the creation of your own privacy policy, for complying with your privacy policy, for complying with your service agreement with Adobe, and for complying with all applicable laws.

Opt-outs for Adobe Analytics (including Reports & Analytics, Data Warehouse, Ad Hoc Analysis)

Adobe offers three types of opt-outs for Adobe Analytics (including Reports & Analytics, Data Warehouse, Ad Hoc Analysis):
Regardless of the opt-out mechanism you choose, Adobe recommends that you clearly describe the availability of the opt-out mechanism in your privacy policy or as otherwise required by law or recommended according to current best practices.