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Enable pathing on a prop

Though pathing reports are available out-of-the-box for pages, pathing can also be enabled for custom traffic variables.
Enabling pathing on a prop can be done in the Admin Console. The following list contains few examples of a business question that can be solved by enabling pathing for a prop.
  • Where does a user go on my site after they come to my site from a campaign?
  • What are the common site sections my users go to in their visits?
  • How do I see page pathing by user type?
Advanced pathing is available in Ad hoc analysis. Ad hoc analysis provides segmentation on any report on the fly without needing to enable this setting, or structure data in the prop in certain ways. It is the easiest and most optimal way to segment your path reports as well. For more information see the Ad hoc analysis documentation .
When pathing is enabled for a prop, you get a new set of pathing reports that are found below the standard pathing reports. Pathing reports tell you the order that it saw the pages come in for that visitor. When you enable pathing on a prop, it does the same thing: it tells you the order of the prop values it saw come in for the user. This order of values is displayed in different ways depending on the path report you are viewing.
To enable pathing, go to Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > Traffic > Traffic Variables . To enable pathing on the Site Section and Server reports, contact Customer Care.