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Segment paths by user type

Segmenting paths by user type is a common request for trying to understand how specific user types path on your site.
You can concatenate the user type and page name into a sprop and enable pathing on the sprop.
For example, let's say you have two user types: Registered users and Non-Registered users. You need to distinguish between these two user types on each page and put these values into your designated sprop. When you populate the prop, it should display as shown below:
 s.prop1="Registered : " + s.pageName;

If the user is a registered user and visited the home page, the value in the prop displays as follows:
 "Registered : Home Page"

If they click to another page named "Page 2", the value on that page displays as follows:
 "Registered : Page 2"

With Pathing turned on, you see those two values in succession. If you want to know how registered users move from the home page, find the value "Registered : Home Page" in one of the path reports and see the next pages they visited. In this case, they next went to "Page 2."