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Identify unique visitors

Adobe uses a cookie to track unique browsers/devices.

Analytics Visitor ID Order

Adobe Analytics provides several mechanisms to identify visitors. The following table lists the different ways a visitor can be identified in Analytics (in order of preference):
Order Used
Query Parameter (collection method)
Present When
s.visitorID is set
Visitor had an existing s_vi cookie before you deployed the Visitor ID service, or you have a visitor ID grace period configured.
Visitor's browser accepts cookies (first-party)
Visitor's browser accepts cookies (first-party)
Visitor's browser does not accept cookies.
In many scenarios you might see 2 or 3 different IDs on a call, but Analytics will use the first ID present from the previous table as the official visitor ID. For example, if you are setting a custom visitor ID (included in the "vid" query parameter), that ID will be used before other IDs that might be present on that same hit.
Each Analytics visitor ID is associated with a visitor profile on Adobe servers. Visitor profiles are deleted after at least 13 months of inactivity regardless of any visitor ID cookie expiration.