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The variable is a reference to the function, and allows the function to be called at the appropriate location within the JavaScript file.
The s_doPlugins function is called each time any of the following occurs:
  • The t() function is called
  • The tl() function is called
  • An exit or download link is clicked
  • Any page element being tracked by visitor click map is clicked
The doPlugins function is used to run customized routines to gather or alter data. If you are using an object name other than "s," make sure that the s_doPlugins is renamed appropriately. For example, if your object name is s_mc, the s_doPlugins function should be called s_mc_doPlugins.

Syntax and Possible Values

The s_doPlugins function should not be in quotes, and doPlugins should always be assigned to the exact name of the s_doPlugins function (if that function is renamed).




Configuration Settings


Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips

  • The only reason to change the object name (such as from s to s_mc) is if you share content with or pull content from other customers. Renaming the s_doPlugins function to s_mc_doPlugins ensures that another client's JavaScript file does not overwrite your doPlugins function.
  • If you unexpectedly start pulling in content from another Adobe customer, and your s_doPlugins function is being overwritten, it is possible to simply rename the s_doPlugins function without changing the object name. While the best solution is to use a different object name than other JavaScript files on the same page, doing so is not required.