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The variable is a comma-separated list of file extensions.
If your site contains links to files with any of these extensions, the URLs of these links will appear in the File Downloads report.
Max Size
Debugger Parameter
Reports Populated
Default Value
Traffic > Site Traffic > File Downloads
"exe,zip,wav,mp3,mov,mpg,avi,wmv, doc,pdf,xls"
The linkDownloadFileTypes variable is only relevant when trackDownloadLinks is set to 'True.'
Only left-mouse-clicks on a link are counted in the File Downloads report. All file downloads that start automatically when a page loads, or that are only downloaded after a redirect, are not counted in the File Downloads report. When you right-click a file and select the "Save Target As..." option, it is not counted in the File Downloads report.
The linkDownloadFileTypes variable may be used to track clicks to RSS feeds. If you have links to RSS feeds with a .xml or other extension, appending ",xml" to the linkDownloadFileTypes list allows you to see how often each RSS link is clicked.

Syntax and Possible Values

Only include file extensions (no spaces).

Any file extension may be included in the list. Be careful not to include a common file extension, such as htm or aspx, in linkDownloadFileTypes . Doing so causes an extra image request to be sent for each click, which will be billed as a primary server call.




Configuration Settings*


Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips

  • Only left-clicks on download files cause the URL to appear in the File Downloads report.
  • Including a common file extension in linkDownloadFileTypes may significantly increase the total server calls sent to Adobe's servers.
  • Links to server-side redirects or HTML pages that automatically begin downloading a file are not counted unless the file extension is in linkDownloadFileTypes .
  • Links that use JavaScript (such as javascript:openLink( )) are not counted in file downloads.