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If your site contains many links to external sites, and you do not want to track all exit links, use to report on a specific subset of exit links.
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Paths > Entries & Exits > Exit Links
The linkExternalFilters variable is an optional variable used in conjunction with linkInternalFilters to determine whether a link is an exit link. An exit link is defined as any link that takes a visitor away from your site. Whether the target window of an exit link is a popup or the existing window, it does not affect whether the link appears in the exit links report. Exit links are tracked only if trackExternalLinks is set to 'true.' The filters in linkExternalFilters and linkInternalFilters are case insensitive.
If you don't want to use linkExternalFilters , delete it or set it to "".
The filters list in linkExternalFilters and linkInternalFilters apply to the domain and path of any link by default. If linkLeaveQueryString is set to 'true,' the filters apply to the entire URL (domain, path, and query string). These filters are always applied to the absolute path of the URL, even if a relative path is used as the href value.
Most companies find that linkInternalFilters gives them enough control over exit links that they don't need linkExternalFilters . Using linkExternalFilters simply decreases the likelihood that an exit link is considered external. If linkExternalFilters has a value, then a link is considered only external if it does not match linkInternalFilters and does match linkExternalFilters .
The following example illustrates how this variable is used. In this example, the URL of the page is .
<a href="">Not an Exit Link</a> 
<a href="/careers/job_list.html">Not an Exit Link</a> 
<a href="">Not an Exit Link</a> 
<a href="">Exit Link</a> 
<a href="">Exit Link</a> 

Syntax and Possible Values

The linkExternalFilters variable is a comma-separated list of ASCII characters. No spaces are allowed.

Any portion of a URL might be included in linkExternalFilters , separated by commas.




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Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips

  • Using linkExternalFilters can result in fewer links on your site being exit links. Do not use this variable in place of linkInternalFilters to force internal links to become exit links.
  • If linkExternalFilters should be applied to the query string of a link, make sure linkLeaveQueryString is set to 'true.' See linkLeaveQueryString before setting to "true" .
  • To disable exit link tracking, set trackExternalLinks to "false" .