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Contains the automatically determined link type, if any. Can be set to one of the following:
 * `d` (download)
     * `e` (exit)
     * `o` (custom/other)

This is the pe parameter in the image request. If set with linkURL or linkName , a server call is sent as a download, custom, or exit link.
Note: The variable pageName cannot be set for a file download, exit link, or custom link, because each of the link types is not a page view and does not have an associated page name.
function s_doPlugins(s) { 
    if (s.linkType == "d" && s.linkURL.indexOf(".aspx?f=") { 
        //special tracking for .aspx file download script 
        s.eVar11 = s.linkURL.substring(s.linkURL.lastIndexOf("?f=") + 3, s.linkURL.length); 
    else if (s.linkType == "o" ) { 
        // note: linkType is set to "o" only if you make a custom call 
        // to and set the link type to "o". Automatically tracked 
        // links are set to "d" or "e" only. 
        s.eVar10 = s.LinkURL;