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This flag is used to disable forced link tracking for some browsers. Forced link tracking is enabled by default for FireFox 20+ and WebKit browsers.
When useForcedLinkTracking is enabled, the AppMeasurement file overrides the default link behavior on some browsers to prevent the track link call from being canceled when the new page opens. The AppMeasurement file executes the track link call and handles the navigation event manually, instead of using the default browser action.
In JavaScript H.25.4 (released February 2013), the following scope limitations were added to links tracked when useForcedLinkTracking is enabled. The automatic forced link tracking applies only to:
  • <A> and <AREA> tags.
  • The tag must have an HREF attribute.
  • The HREF can't start with # , about: , or javascript: .
  • The TARGET attribute must not be set, or the TARGET needs to refer to the current window ( _self , _top , or the value of ).
Default value = true


s.useForcedLinkTracking = false