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Configuration variables overview

Configuration variables control the way data is captured and processed in reporting. The most-common configuration variables that are typically set in the main global JavaScript AppMeasurement.js. These variables can be set within the Analytics page-level code and links when appropriate.
Not all of these variables appear in the code by default when you generate code through the Admin Tool > Code Manager . Some of these configuration variables may not be applicable to your site implementation needs.
Some of the goals of using these configuration variables are:
  • Track multiple sites/domains
  • Use any currency on purchases
  • Capture data indifferent languages
  • Link tracking (number of downloaded files, links to external sites).
  • Track custom links for unique purposes
AppMeasurement requires that all configuration variables are set before the initial call to the track function, t() . If configuration variables are set after the call to t() , unexpected results may occur. To ensure proper data collection, all configuration variables must be above the doPlugins function.
For help with specific configuration variables, click any of the following links: