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The variable is most often used to identify a section of your site.
For example, a merchant may have sections such as Electronics, Toys, or Apparel. A media site may have sections such as News, Sports, or Business.
Max Size
Debugger Parameter
Reports Populated
Default Value
100 Bytes
Site Content > Site Sections
Adobe recommends populating the channel variable on every page. You can also turn on a correlation between the channel and page name variables.
When sections have one or more levels of subsections, you can show those sections in the channel variable or use separate variables to identify levels.
Syntax and Possible Values"value"

The channel variable has no extra limitations on its values.

Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
If your site contains multiple levels, you can use the hierarchy or another variable to designate those levels. The channel value does not persist, but the success events fired on the same page are attributed to the channel value.