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The variable is an optional variable used in Link Tracking that determines the name of a custom, download, or exit link.
The linkName variable is not normally needed because the third parameter in the tl() function replaces it.
Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
100 bytes pev2
File Downloads
Custom Links
Exit Links
Custom Links refer to links that send tracking data. The linkName variable (or the third parameter in the tl() function) is used to identify the value that appears in the Custom, Download, or Exit Links report. If linkName is not populated, the URL of the link appears in the report.
Syntax and Possible Values
s.linkName="Link Name"

There are no limitations on linkName outside of the standard variable limitations.
s.linkName="Nav Bar Home Link"

s.linkName="Partner Link to"

Configuration Settings
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
  • The linkName variable is replaced by the third parameter in the tl() function.
  • If the linkName variable and the third parameter in the tl() function are blank, the full URL of the link (with the exception of the query string) appears in the report (even if the link is relative).