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The variable is an optional variable used in link tracking that determines which report a link name or URL appears (custom, download, or exit links).
The linkType variable is not normally needed because the second parameter in the tl() function replaces it.
Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
One character pe=[lnk_o|lnk_d|lnk_e]
File Downloads
Custom Links
Exit Links
Custom links send data to Analytics. The linkType variable (or the second parameter in the tl() function) is used to identify the report in which the link name or URL appears ( Custom, Download, or Exit Links report).
For exit and download Links, the linkType variable is automatically populated depending on whether the link clicked is an exit or download link. A custom link may be configured to send data to any of the three reports with this variable or with the second parameter in the tl() function. By setting linkType to 'o,' 'e,' or 'd,' the linkName or link URL is sent to the Custom Links, Exit Links, or File Downloads report respectively.
Syntax and Possible Values
The linkType variable syntax depends on whether you use XML or a query string.
If you are using XML, the variable may only contain a single character, namely 'o,' 'e,' or 'd.','o','Link Name');

If you are using the query-string pe , you need to use lnk_d , lnk_e , or lnk_o .
<a href="index.html" onClick=" 
 var s=s_gi('rsid'); **see note below on the rsid**,'o','Link Name'); 
 ">My Page</a> 

Configuration Settings
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
  • If linkType is not specified, custom links ('o') is assumed.