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The variable contains the name of each page on your site.
Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
100 bytes pageName
page URL
The pageName variable should be populated with a value that business users recognize. In most cases the pageName value is not the URL or the path to the file. Common pageName values include names such as "Home Page," "Checkout," "Purchase Thank you," or "Registration."
Be careful not to allow new-line, -em or -en dashes, or any HTML characters to appear in the page name and other variables. Some browsers send new line characters while others don't, which causes the data in Analytics to be split between two seemingly identical page names. Many word processors and email clients will automatically convert a hyphen into an -en or -em dash when typing. Since -en and -em dashes are illegal characters in Analytics variables (ASCII characters with codes above 127), Analytics won't record the page name containing the illegal character and show the URL instead.
If pageName is left blank, the URL is used to represent the page name. Leaving pageName blank is often problematic because the URL may not always be the same for a page and are the same page with different URLs).
Syntax and Possible Values
The pageName variable should contain a useful identifier for business users of Analytics.

There are no limitations on pageName outside of the standard variable limitations.
s.pageName="Search Results" 

s.pageName="Standard Offer List"

Configuration Settings
Administrators have the ability to change the visible page name in Analytics with the Name Pages tool, which is potentially dangerous and may negatively affect your reports. Please contact Adobe Customer Care before using the Name Pages tool.
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
Make sure the pageName doesn't contain illegal characters.