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The variable is used only to designate a 404 Page Not Found Error page.
Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
20 bytes pageType Paths > Pages > Pages
Not Found
The pageType variable captures the errant URL when a 404 Error page is displayed, which allows you to quickly find broken links and paths that are no longer valid on the custom site. Set up the pageType variable on the error page exactly as shown below.
Do not use the page name variable on 404 error pages. The pageType variable is only used for the 404 Error page.
In most cases, the 404 Error page is a static page that is hard-coded. In these cases, it is important that the reference to the .JS file is set to an appropriate global or relative path/directory.
Syntax and Possible Values
The only allowable value of pageType is "errorPage" as shown below.


Configuration Settings
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
To capture other server-side errors (such as 500 errors), use a prop to capture the error message and put " 500 Error: <URL> " where <URL> is the URL requested, in the pageName variable. By following this course of action, you can use Pathing reports to see which paths caused users to generate 500 errors. The prop explains which error message is given by the server.