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The variable overrides the actual URL of the page.
In rare cases, the URL of the page is not the URL that you would like reported in Analytics.
Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
No Limit*
Traffic > Segmentation > Most Popular Pages Paths Page URL
Although Adobe allows pageURL values up to 64k, some browsers impose a size limit on the URL of image requests. To prevent truncation of other data, page URLs longer than 255 bytes are split, with the first 255 bytes appearing in the g= parameter, with the remaining bytes appearing later in the query sting in the -g= query parameter.
Syntax and Possible Values
The pageURL variable must be a valid URL, with a valid protocol. The domain will be forced to display in lower-case before being populated in reports, and the query string may be stripped, depending on Analytics settings.

Only URL-compatible characters are allowed as the page URL.
It is strongly advised that you contact your Adobe consultant or Customer Care before using the pageURL variable for custom purposes.


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