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The variable is used to show either the domain of a web page (to show which domains people come to) or the server serving the page (for a load balancing quick reference).
Max Size
Debugger Parameter
Reports Populated
Default Value
100 bytes
If your site has more than one domain serving the same content, the server variable can be used to track which of those domains visitors are using. The following JavaScript will populate the domain of the page into the server variable.

If you are using the server variable to give a quick guide to load balancing, you could put a server name or number into the server variable. See the following example:
s.server="server 14"

While the Most Popular Servers report may be used as a load balancing quick reference, it is not a precise measure of server load. For example, back-button traffic does not increase server load, but is shown in reports. The report does not show which servers are serving images or large downloads.
Syntax and Possible Values

There are no limitations on the server variable outside of the standard variable limitations.
s.server="server 18" 

Configuration Settings
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
The server variable can be used to show which domains are most popular or which servers are serving the most pages.