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The and variables are conversion variables.
They are like eVars in that they capture events, but unlike eVars, they don't persist. The zip and state variables are like eVars that expire immediately.
Max Size
Debugger Parameter
Reports Populated
Default Value
50 bytes
Conversion > Visitor Profile > Visitor State
Because the state and zip variables expire immediately, the only events associated with them are events that are fired on the same page on which they are populated. For example, if you are using state to compare conversion rates by state, you should populate the state variable on every page of the checkout process. For conversion sites, Adobe recommends using the billing address as the source for the Zip Code, but you may choose to use the shipping address instead (assuming there is only one shipping address for the order). A media site may choose to use zip and state for registration or ad click-through tracking.
Syntax and Possible Values

The state variable does not impose any special value or format restrictions. There are no limitations on state outside of the standard variable limitations.

s.state="prince edward island"

Configuration Settings
Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips
  • Populate state on every page that a relevant event is fired (such as each page of the checkout process).
  • The zip and state variables act like eVars that expire on the Page View.