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Field descriptions for the General settings in DTM, for deploying Adobe Analytics.
*`Property`* > Edit Tool > General
Element Description
Enable EU compliance for Adobe Analytics
Enables or disables tracking based on the EU privacy cookie.
When a page is loaded, the system checks to see if a cookie called sat_track is set (or the custom cookie name specified on the Edit Property page). Consider the following information:
  • If the cookie does not exist or if the cookie exists and is set to anything but true , the loading of the tool is skipped when this setting is enabled. Meaning, any portion of a rule that uses the tool will not apply.
    If a rule has analytics with EU compliance on and third-party code, and the cookie is set to false , the third-party code still runs. However, the analytics variables will not be set.
  • If the cookie exists but it is set to true , the tool loads normally.
You are responsible for setting the sat_track (or custom named) cookie to false if a visitor opts out. You can accomplish this using custom code:
_satellite.setCookie("sat_track", "false");
You must also have a mechanism to set that cookie to true if you want a visitor to be able to opt in later:
_satellite.setCookie("sat_track", "true");
Character Set
Displays the available character encoding sets.
Currency Code
Displays the supported currency codes for selection.
Tracking Server
The domain at which the image request and cookie is written.
SSL Tracking Server
The domain at which the image request and cookie is written. Used for secure pages. If not defined, SSL data goes to trackingServer .
Data Center
The Adobe data center used for data collection.