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Replacing your Analytics code

Adobe offers some best practices for updating your Analytics code.
Frequently, customers use the Adobe Code Manager to replace their code with the most recent version. This practice is good to follow as long as you keep certain things in mind.

Using the Incorrect Data Collection Server ID

Occasionally, generic s_code.js files that have not been generated from Adobe Code Manager are sent to those implementing the code on your site. As a result, the incorrect data collection server ID (as shown in the s.dc variable) for the account is used. It is best to generate new code directly from the Code Manager for a specific report suite, rather than reusing code from a different report suite. This is the best way to make sure the s.dc variable is populated correctly.


Some customers implement plug-ins to enhance their Adobe experience. When you replace your code, do not forget that you have plug-ins as part of that code. The code created in the Code Manager does not have any plug-in code with it, so all plug-ins need to migrate manually to the newer code base. Make a copy of your existing code just in case something happens, and you need to revert to your previous code.