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Using white space in variable values

In HTML there are several characters that create whitespace.
These include a space, a tab, and a carriage return (or linefeed). Consider the following example:
   Home Page 
<script language="javascript"> 

In this case, document.title populates s.pageName, which should receive a value of "Home Page." Notice the space before "Home Page." Not all browsers interpret this white space in the same way. The result may be either of two examples below:
s.pageName="Home Page"

s.pageName="        Home Page"

The first value displays correctly, but the second displays white space before the text. Analytics treats these as distinct values for the s.pageName variable. The Analytics interface strips the leading white space from the second value. The result is a report that displays as shown below.
This implementation error causes your variable values to be fragmented across multiple line items. SAINT does not allow leading white space in a key value. This means that it cannot be used to group multiple line items as a work-around if this issue is affecting your site. The only way to fix the problem is to pre-process the desired variable value (in this case, the document.title property) to remove any leading (or trailing) white space.
The example above uses the s.pageName variable with the document.title property. Adobe does not recommend using document.title as the page name, nor does this issue only affect the s.pageName variable. Any variable that has leading/trailing white space in its value can be affected.