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Variables and values

Ensure that the variables that are populated from server scripting or code cannot output any quotation marks that interfere with the values.
For instance:
s.pageName="Article: "Article Name"" 
s.pageName='Company's Information' 

Ensure that the values of the variables do not exceed their maximum limits, specified in this document. Additional characters are cropped at the data collection servers. They may interfere with the total length, increase bandwidth unnecessarily, and may cause other issues.
Do not use $, ™, ®, ©, or commas (,) in the products variable. Generally, these are not useful in any Analytics variables and may interfere with the ability to interpret or export fields. The best practice is to limit characters to the first 127 ASCII characters.
Ensure that the events variable is populated with an appropriate value ( prodView, purchase, scAdd, scRemove, scOpen, or event1-event5) whenever products is populated. Ensure that the case of all Analytics variables and functions are maintained, as shown below.
s.prop1 - s.prop20 
s.eVar1 - s.eVar20 
var s_code=s.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code)//--> 

Page names are case sensitive, and differences create additional page records. "Home" and "home" are two different pages within Analytics.
Multiple page records cannot be combined within reports.
Validate that links are reported in the Custom Links report. Ensure that the correct parameters are passed to the tl function. For more information on custom links, see Link Tracking .