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The charSet variable is used by Adobe to convert incoming data into UTF-8 for storage and reporting by Analytics. If your site uses a charSet other than UTF-8, this variable allows your data to be properly encoded by Adobe. This variable can be set on a page-by-page basis if your site uses different encodings on different pages.

Character Set in Adobe Experience Platform Launch

Character Set is a field under the General accordion when configuring the Adobe Analytics extension.
  1. Log in to using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired property.
  3. Go to the Extensions tab, then click the Configure button under Adobe Analytics.
  4. Expand the General accordion, which reveals the Character Set field.
You can use either a preset character set or a custom character set. This value should match the character encoding on your site. Most sites use UTF-8 .

s.charSet in AppMeasurement and Launch custom code editor

The charSet variable is a string. Set this variable to the same value as the <meta charset=""> HTML tag on your site.
s.charSet = "UTF-8";