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The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable helps AppMeasurement determine where Analytics cookies are set by calling out that the domain suffix has an extra period in it. This variable allows AppMeasurement to accommodate the extra period in the domain suffix and set cookies in the right location. It inherits the value of cookieDomainPeriods , but is still a best practice to set if you use a first-party cookie implementation.
  • For domains like or , this variable does not need to be set. If needed, you can set this variable to "2" .
  • For domains like or , set this variable to "3" .
Do not take subdomains into account for this variable. For example, do not set fpCookieDomainPeriods on the example URL . AppMeasurement by default recognizes that cookies should be stored on , even on URLs with many subdomains.

First-party Domain Periods in Adobe Experience Platform Launch

First-party Domain Periods is a field under the Cookies accordion when configuring the Adobe Analytics extension.
  1. Log in to using your AdobeID credentials.
  2. Click the desired property.
  3. Go to the Extensions tab, then click the Configure button under Adobe Analytics.
  4. Expand the Cookies accordion, which reveals the First-party Domain Periods field.
Set this field to 3 only on domains containing a period in its suffix. Otherwise this field can be left blank.

s.fpCookieDomainPeriods in AppMeasurement and Launch custom code editor

The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable is a string that is typically set to "3" , only on domains that contain a period in its suffix. Its default value is "2" , which accommodates most domains.
// Manually set fpCookieDomainPeriods for domains with a period in its suffix, such as
s.fpCookieDomainPeriods = "3";

// Detect if a URL has a domain suffix with an extra period, and set s.fpCookieDomainPeriods automatically
document.URL.indexOf(".co.") > 0 ? s.fpCookieDomainPeriods = "3" : s.fpCookieDomainPeriods = "2";