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Link tracking hits can populate one of three dimensions:
  • Custom links
  • Exit links
  • Download links
Use the linkType variable to determine which dimension you want to populate when running the next tl() function.

s.linkType in AppMeasurement and Launch custom code editor

The s.linkType variable is a string that accepts one of three single-character values: o , d , or e . If a tl() method is called without a link type, it defaults to Custom link.
  • o - Custom links
  • d - Download links
  • e - Exit links
This variable is the second parameter of the tl() method, and usually does not need to be set as a standalone variable. However, you can use the linkType variable if you do not want to set values as arguments in the tl() method.
s.linkType = "e";


The following two example link tracking calls are functionally identical. They are different methods to accomplish the same link tracking hit.
// Set link tracking arguments as individual variables
s.linkType = "d";
s.linkName = "Example download link";;

// Set link tracking arguments directly in the tl() function,"d","Example download link");