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Functions and methods

Adobe offers several functions and methods that you can use in your implementation. When you reference these functions or methods, they perform common tasks with a single line of code.
Some of these single lines of code belong to the following categories:
  • Tracking calls : The most common methods, and vital in many implementations. They include the t() and tl() methods.
  • AppMeasurement utilities : In previous versions of AppMeasurement, implementations had to write their own code to perform these tasks. Adobe provides these utility methods to streamline these common tasks. AppMeasurement utilities include Util.cookieRead() , Util.cookieWrite() , and Util.getQueryParam() .
  • Register functions : You can write your own functions and have AppMeasurement automatically execute them before or after sending a tracking call to Adobe. Variables that fall under this category are doPlugins() , registerPreTrackCallback() , and registerPostTrackCallback() .