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The tl() method is an important core component to Adobe Analytics. It takes all Analytics variables defined on the page, compiles them into an image request, and sends that data to Adobe data collection servers. It works similarly to the t() method, however this method does not increment page views. It is useful for tracking links and other elements that wouldn't be considered a full page load.
If trackDownloadLinks or trackExternalLinks are enabled, AppMeasurement automatically calls the tl() method to send download link and exit link tracking data. If your organization prefers to have more control over the links to track and their behavior, you can call the tl() method manually. Custom links can only be manually tracked. method in AppMeasurement and Launch custom code editor

Call the method when you want to send a tracking call to Adobe.;

Optionally, this method accepts several arguments:[Link object],[Link type],[Link name],[Override variable]);

Variable overrides

Lets you change variable values for a single call. See variable overrides for more information.
var y = new Object();
y.eVar1 = "Override value";
y.linkTrackVars = "eVar1";,"o","Example custom link",y);

Examples and use cases

Send a basic link tracking call directly inside an HTML link:
<a href="example.html" onClick=",'o','Example link');">Click here</a>

Use JavaScript to make a basic link tracking call using method arguments:,"o","Example link");

Use JavaScript to make the same basic link tracking call using separate variables:
s.linkType = "o";
s.linkName = "Example link";;