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Analytics Reports Using DFA Data

Once DFA and Adobe® collection servers can communicate, you can generate reports in Reports & Analytics that include DFA data.
Pre-packaged DFA reports include the following:
Channel : Displays data comparing Banner ads against other on-line ad options, such as Paid Search and Email.
Delivery Tool : Displays data comparing DoubleClick for Advertisers against other on-line ad services.
Site Name : Displays data comparing Web sites where DFA banner ads appeared.
Page Name : Displays data comparing individual Web pages where DFA banner ads appeared.
Ad Name : Displays data comparing specific DFA banner ads.
Campaigns : Displays data comparing different DFA ad campaigns
To generate a DFA report:
  1. Log in to Adobe Experience Cloud.
  2. Go to Analytics > Reports & Analytics . Make sure you have selected the report suite where you installed the DFA integration.
  3. In the left-side navigation, select the Conversion variable that captures the DFA click-through data, then select the desired DFA report.
  4. Click Add Metrics . This opens the Metric Selector dialog box.
  5. Check the Impressions and Clicks metrics in the Available Metrics list and click Apply .
    The resulting report displays Impressions, Clicks, and Revenue data so you can see how your DFA services translate into bottom-line revenue. For example, a DFA Ad Name report displays the impressions, clicks, and revenue data directly attributable to specific banner ads in your current DFA ad campaign:
This report has the following important features:
  • The report header, labeled DFA_Ad Name Report, displays the report time period (February 2009), and indicates that this is a Ranked report using a Horizontal Bar format.
  • The Graph itself displays three metrics (Impressions, Clicks, and Revenue) for each DFA Ad in the report.
  • The graph displays data for each metric as a percentage of the metric total, rather than using the actual numbers for each metric. You can change this in the Configure Report dialog box.
  • Below the graph, the DFA_Ad Name report lists the report details for each of the DFA Ads, and displays both numeric and percentage data for the Ad performance.
  • Select a specific DFA Ad Name to open a menu of options for getting more information about that particular DFA ad.
  • Each metric column includes a color key that corresponds to the metric's assigned color in the graph.
  • The report is ordered by the Revenue metric with highest revenue Ad at the top. You can change the report ordering clicking on a different column (metric) label.