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Adobe Analytics Documentation

Welcome to the Adobe Analytics product and technical documentation home page. Here you can find self-help and support information for reporting tools like Analysis Workspace, Report Builder, Reporting API, Data Workbench, and Activity Map. You can also access documentation for product and user administration, implementation, and all the features supported in Adobe Analytics.
Analytics Tools Guide – Provides access to Analysis Workspace , the premier analysis and visualization tool for Analytics. Also features all the analysis tools (Report Buidler, Reporting API, Data Workbench, and Activity Map) that you can use in Adobe Analytics.
Admin Guide – Learn about managing users and products in the Experience Cloud Admin Console, configuring report suites, company settings, data governance, server call usage, traffic management, and more.
Implementation Guide – Customize what data is collected to get more out of Adobe Analytics. Includes content on Adobe Experience Platform Launch and JavaScript implementations.
Components Guide – Understand the features that help organize your data. Components include segments, calculated metrics, virtual report suites, alerts, and more. This guide also includes a variable reference, explaining all dimensions and metrics available.
Export Guide – Get data out of Adobe Analytics: Use Data Feeds to receive an hourly or daily export of raw data. Retrieve a spreadsheet output of data using Data Warehouse.
Import Guide – Bring data into Analytics from outside sources, either in bulk or real-time. Includes Data Sources, Data Insertion API, and Data Connectors.
Integration Guide – Configure integrations with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, such as Audience Manager, Advertising Cloud, and Target.
Media Analytics Guide – Implement Analytics on audio or video sources. Includes the Media SDK and the Media Collection API.
Data Workbench Guides – Learn about the highly-flexible, powerful, multi-channel capabilities of Data Workbench. Includes Data Workbench Client, Installation, Dataset Configuration guides, and more.
Analytics Tech Notes – A knowledge base containing helpful articles that don't belong to a specific analytics tool or component.
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