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SSL Certificate Licensing

If you use are using first-party cookies and you measure secure traffic, you must provide sufficient SSL certificate licenses to support the RDC implementation.
Your SSL certificate licenses must support installation on up to 10 servers. These certificates are installed on load balancers worldwide. As Adobe brings additional Data Collection Centers online, SSL certificate needs change. How this affects your certificate licensing needs over time depends on the type of certificate license you own:
  • Server-Based Licenses: License requirements for RDC deployments grow over time.
  • Volume-Based Licenses: License requirements are not affected by infrastructure changes, but only as your traffic volume changes over time.
  • Unlimited Licenses: License requirements should remain relatively stable over time.
If you provide your own certificate, it is your responsibility to purchase and maintain it. Check the certificate provider's contract to confirm that SSL certificates can be installed in multiple data centers.
Alternatively, Adobe can manage your certificate at no additional cost to you through the Adobe Managed Certificate Program .