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Audience Manager Product Documentation

This technical documentation guide provides self-help assistance for Audience Manager - an industry-leading service for online audience data management. Our product and services give digital advertisers and publishers the tools they need to control and leverage their data assets to help drive sales success.

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How to read this page

  • Start by exploring the section Audience Manager main functionality for a snapshot of the problems that Audience Manager can help you solve. See also the Audience Manager overview and then return to this page.
  • Next, read Get Started with Audience Manager to familiarize yourself with Audience Manager concepts. Make sure you also review the business and technical implementation guides.
  • See the latest Audience Manager release notes and read about the latest features in the section Release Notes and Latest Features .
  • Finally, you can explore more Experience Cloud resources like forums, video tutorials, in-person and online training courses in the section Learning Center - Recommended Audience Manager and Experience Cloud Resources .

Get Started with Audience Manager

Important Conceptual Documentation
Read the pages below for a deeper understanding of Audience Manager concepts:
Implement Audience Manager
Get started with implementing Audience Manager by reading the pages below:
Technical Implementation Guides
Get started with Audience Manager APIs and set up Audience Manager in your app: