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DCS Region IDs, Locations, and Host Names

The regional DCS server host name is required to make calls to the DCS. This is because the DCS stores information in data centers that are geographically close to site visitors. Your queries will work if you send them to the wrong DCS, but these calls are inefficient and can delay the response. To make a DCS request, match the region ID to its corresponding regional host name and form your query with the proper host name.
DCS Region ID (dcs_region) Region (and Location) Host Name
ID 3
Southeast Asia (Singapore)
ID 4
South America (São Paulo, Brazil)
ID 6
Europe (Dublin, Ireland)
ID 7
US East (Virginia, USA)
ID 8
South Pacific / Oceania (Sydney, Australia)
ID 9
US West (Oregon, USA)
ID 11
Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
ID 12
You can also use API methods to get a list of the available DCS regions. See DCS Region API Methods .