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Documentation Updates 2020

A list of new or revised documentation released in 2020. Includes minor updates to the Audience Manager documentation that might not be covered in the Experience Cloud release notes.
See the Experience Cloud Release Notes for changes to Audience Manager and other Experience Cloud solutions. See the Previous Years section for older release notes.

February, 2020

We've added two sample use cases to the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) documentation, to help you better understand how RBAC can make your Audience Manager administration easier.

January, 2020

The Activity Usage Report helps you view and track the activity usage of your Audience Manager instance, giving you a clear idea of how your activity usage compares to your contractual commitment.
This page displays information about every server-to-server integration between Audience Manager and industry partners. Use the list to understand which partners can receive mobile device IDs from Audience Manager, which partners can receive unsegment information, and more.
We updated this page to highlight Adobe Experience Platform Launch as the preferred way to forward data from Adobe Analytics to Audience Manager.
We updated the answer to "Can I upload an inbound data file (.sync or .overwrite file) before deploying Audience Manager code into production?" to reflect current Profile Merge Rules functionality.