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Audience Marketplace for Data Buyers

Overview and workflow for data buyers who want to purchase third-party data from within Audience Manager.
Role-based permissions control access to Audience Marketplace features.
  • Administrators can create data feeds, manage subscribers, and subscribe to data feeds.
  • Users can search and view feeds only.

The Marketplace: About

The Marketplace is an Audience Manager feature for data buyers that lists data feeds you can subscribe to. It lists flat rate, CPM, or private data feeds. These feeds are provided by third-party vendors that use Audience Manager to sell data. In the Marketplace, reporting tools let you track feed usage and the overlap between your traits and those in a subscribed data feed. Finally, with Audience Marketplace, Adobe takes care of invoices and fee payments (though you do have to self-report usage when subscribed to a CPM feed). These features let you find effective data sources without wasting time looking for a data provider.
Use the Adobe Audience Finder to find high quality data feeds that you can subscribe to. Then, go back into the Audience Manager UI or use the Audience Marketplace Buyer API to subscribe to the feeds you found.
The Marketplace list contains information that you can sort and search to find the data feed that's right for you. Items in the Marketplace buyer's list include:
  • Search: Find data feeds by name or text description.
  • Name: Name of the data feed.
  • Description: Information about the contents of a data feed.
  • Provider: Name of the data provider.
  • Traits: The number of traits in a data feed.
  • 30 Day Provider Unique Users: The number of unique users seen in the last 30 days.
  • 30 Day Overlapped Uniques: The number of users in your account that overlap with the users in the provider’s account.
  • Feed Overlap: The 30 day overlapped uniques value, displayed in percentages, calculated as: Data buyer 30 day overlapped uniques / Data buyer 30 day uniques) x 100.
  • Private Feeds: See Private Data Feeds .
  • Currently Subscribed Plan Count: The number of subscriptions you have with a data provider.

Private Data Feeds

In the Marketplace list, sometimes the provider's name and trait data are marked as private. This indicates a private data feed . A private data feed lets sellers limit buyer access to their data. Sellers can make feeds private when they're offering special deals, discounts, or when privacy and access control are important to them. As a buyer, you have to send a subscription request to the seller if you want access to a private feed. See Subscribe to a Private Data Feed for details.