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Create Traits from Signals

Create new traits from all signals, including those that are already used in traits, and capture future audiences that qualify after trait creation. Watch the video for a quick demonstration or read on for detailed information:

Create Traits from Signal Dashboard

The Signal Dashboard allows you to create new traits from the Top Unused Signals, New Unused Signals, and your saved searches.
When you create a new trait, the trait type is pre-set based on the signal type:
  • Rule-based traits for real-time signals, actionable log files and Adobe Analytics signals;
  • Onboarded traits for onboarded signals.
To create new traits from the Signal Dashboard , identify the signal that you want to use in the trait, then click the corresponding Create Rule-Based Trait or Create Onboarded Trait link.
You'll be redirected to the Trait Builder to create your new trait(s).