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Audience Manager Overview

Audience Manager helps you bring your audience data assets together, making it easy to collect commercially relevant information about site visitors, create marketable segments, and serve targeted advertising and content to the right audience. Furthermore, Audience Manager offers easy tag deployment and management with robust data collection, control, and protection.
With Audience Manager, you are not tied to a data seller, exchange, or demand-side platform. Additionally, Audience Manager is completely agnostic when it comes to our partners’ data assets. With access to multiple data sources, Audience Manager offers digital publishers the ability to use a wide variety of third-party data as well as our private data co-op. Talk to our Partner Solutions team about help with making smart and accurate decisions about your target audience.

History and Background

Audience Manager started as Demdex in 2008. It was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2011 and subsequently rebranded as Audience Manager.


Since 2008, Audience Manager (formerly, Demdex) has been a pioneer in the on-line audience management market. Audience Manager services power dynamic, multi-channel online data strategies. Our platform and services are used by an array of diverse industries from automobiles (AutoTrader), to airlines (American Airlines), and financial services companies (American Express). Audience Manager uses enterprise-level technology to provide the scale, reliability, analytics, and performance to help your business succeed online. Audience Manager integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud to help you centralize, manage, and take action on your data assets across a growing number of digitally addressable channels.

Audience Manager and its Data Management Platform (DMP)

Audience Manager helps you manage your data pipeline. Our service is a catalyst that transforms generic users and raw data signals into actual audience segments used for multi-channel marketing efforts. Additionally, Audience Manager provides tools for tag management and audience analytics while simultaneously meeting the privacy and data security needs of clients and consumers.