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Delivery and Performance Report

Returns segment-level data on impressions and click-through rates.
The Delivery and Performance report lets you evaluate how segments perform on different advertiser sites. As an optimization tool, this report helps you:
  • Identify high-performance segments for re-use in other campaigns or on other sites.
  • Find and remove segments from underperforming sites.
  • Visually analyze segment impression size and click-through rates.
1-day views are updated daily. 7-day and 30-day look-back periods are updated weekly.
Select an individual point to view data details in a pop up window. Also, you can click and drag the cursor over a group of points to return data about those data elements only. These actions automatically update the report results.

Delivery and Performance Data Pop Fields Defined

Describes the metrics displayed in the popup window when you click an individual data point.
The popup for the Delivery and Performance Report contains the following metrics:
Date Range Start
Start date used by the report.
Date Range End
End date used by the report.
Segment ID
Unique numeric ID for that segment.
Segment Name
Name of the segment.
Number of clicks recorded for that segment.
Number of impressions recorded for that segment.
Number of unique visitors.
Click Through
Number of times a visitor clicked on an ad.