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Monitoring server capacity, allow listing IP addresses, and adding SSH keys

The Control Panel allows you to monitor and manage your SFTP storage by instance and add allow listingIP addresses.

Accessing Control Panel Subdomain Management

To access the Subdomain Management in Control Panel, go to:

Monitor server capacity, allow list IP addresses,and add SSH keys

This video explains how to access the Adobe Campaign Control Panel, monitor the storage of SFTP servers, allow list an IP address, as well as add a SSH Key.

Interface descriptions

Instances: Only the instances for which you have administrator rights are listed.
Job Logs: Only jobs that were executed in the Control Panel are listed. The jobs that were executed outside of Control Panel are not included (for example workflows being executed, etc.)
The logs only include the jobs executed by the administrators of your Org. If there are several Orgs, you won't see the logs of other Orgs in the Job Logs
Storage Tab: The header shows the top three most utilized servers, if you have more than 3 servers you can see the rest in the Storage tab.
Warning message:
  • Orange - server is 80% utilized
  • Red - server is 90% utilized

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