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How to use the Audit Trail

Audit Trail captures, in real-time, a comprehensive list of actions and events occurring within Adobe Campaign. The Audit Trail features includes a self-serve way to access a history of data to help answer questions such as:
  • What happened to an object?
  • Who modified it last and when?
  • What was the previous state?
Audit Trails requires Campaign Classic version 19.1 or newer
The Audit Trail will log and list operator actions, such as creation, modification, and deletion for workflows, options, and source schema. In addition the following actions are logged specifically for workflows:
  • Start
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Restart
  • Cleanup
  • Simulate
  • Wakeup
  • Unconditional Stop
The video below describes where to access the Audit Trail logs and which settings that can be configured.

For more information can be found in the Audit Trail Documentation .