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How to personalize emails using dynamic content blocks

In Adobe Campaign, you can personalize content or the appearance of messages and combine them with criteria from recipient profiles. In general, the tool allows you to:
1 - Create custom personalization blocks 2 - Insert predefined personalization blocks 3 - Insert dynamic personalization fields 4 - Create conditional content.
This tutorial demonstrated how to personalize delivery content, use JavaScript code in delivery templates, standardize and share content blocks in different delivery templates.

Create and add a personalization block to a delivery

A personalization block is dynamic, personalized and contains specific rendering code that can be added to deliveries. For example, you can add images, email headers, email footers, mirror page links, unsubscription links, and much more.

Add a Personalization Field to a Delivery

Personalization fields are used for first-level personalization of the content of delivered messages. The fields you insert in a main content show the position where to insert the data from the selected data source.

Add conditional content to a delivery

By configuring conditional content fields, you can create advanced personalization. Complete text blocks and/or images are replaced when a particular condition is satisfied. This video demonstrated how to add conditional content to a delivery on the example of a multi-lingual newsletter.

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