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Content Management

A Content management activity lets you create and manipulate a content and generate files based on this content. This content can then be delivered via a 'Delivery' activity.
Content management is an optional Adobe Campaign module. Please check your license agreement.
The properties of the activity are divided into three steps:
  • Content selection : the content can have been created previously or can be created via the activity.
  • Content update : the task can modify the subject of the content or import all of the XML content.
  • Action : the resulting content can be saved or generated.
    For more on configuring and using content management in Adobe Campaign, refer to this section .
  1. Content
    • Specified in the transition
      This option lets you use the content specified in the transition, i.e. the event that activates content management must contain a contentId variable. This variable can have been set by a previous content management or by any script.
    • Explicit
      This option lets you select a content already created, via the Content field. This field is visible only when the Explicit option is selected.
    • Calculated by a script
      The content identifier is calculated by a script. The Script field lets you define a JavaScript template evaluating the identifier (primary key) of the content. This field is visible only when the Calculated by a script option is selected.
    • New, created from a publication template
      Creates a new content from a publication template. This new content will be saved in the file specified in the String field. The Template field specifies the publication template to be used to create the content.
  2. Update content
    • Subject
      This field lets you modify the subject of the content.
    • Access to data from an XML feed
      This option lets you construct the content from an XML document downloaded via an XSL stylesheet. When this option is selected, the URL field specifies the XML content downloading URL. The XSL stylesheet lets you specify the stylesheet to be used to transform the downloaded XML document. This property is optional.
  3. Action to execute
    • Save
      This option saves the created or modified content.
      The outbound transition is activated only once, with the content saved in the contentId variable as a parameter.
    • Generate
      This option saves the content, then generates the output files for each transformation template with a 'File' type publication.
      The outbound transition is activated for each file generated with the identifier of the content saved in the contentId variable as its parameter and the filename in the filename variable.

Input parameters

  • contentId
Identifier of the content to be used if the Specified in the transition option is enabled.

Output parameters

  • contentId
    Content identifier.
  • filename
    Full name of the generated file if the selected action is Generate .


Examples are provided in this section .