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The workflows detailed below are installed with the Campaign module by default. For more on this module, refer to this section .
These workflows MUST be started in order for the campaign processes to be executed at a campaign level.
Label Internal name Description
Cost calculation budgetMgt This workflow starts the calculation of expense and cost lines on the budgets, plans, programs, campaigns, deliveries and tasks.
Stock: Orders and alerts stockMgt This workflow launches stock calculation on the order lines and manages warning alerts thresholds.
Jobs on deliveries in campaigns deliveryMgt This workflow triggers the approved deliveries and starts post-processing the service provider for an external delivery. It also sends approval notifications and reminders.
Campaign jobs operationMgt This workflow manages the jobs for marketing campaigns (launches targeting, file extraction, etc.). It also creates workflows related to recurring and periodic campaigns.
Jobs on service providers supplierMgt This workflow starts processing the provider (email to the router and post-processing) once deliveries have been approved.