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Message Center (Control)

The workflow detailed below is scheduled to run every hour. It is installed with the Message Center - Control module by default. For more on this module, refer to this section .
To know more about how to configure technical workflows related to the Message Center module, refer to this page .
Label Internal name Description
Message Center <external_account_name> mcSynch_<external_account_name> This workflow:
  • recovers the list of events processed by the operation(s).
  • synchronizes with the NmsBroadLogMsg table in order to recover delivery message qualifications.
  • recovers event delivery logs as soon as synchronization with the NmsBroadLogMsg table has been completed.
  • synchronizes with the NmsTrackingUrl table in order to recover the tracking for delivery URLs.
  • recovers event tracking URLs as soon as synchronization with the NmsTrackingUrl table has been completed.
  • lets you recover all email addresses placed in quarantine every three hours after a delivery has been sent.