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Web application tracking opt-out

Adobe Campaign enables you to stop tracking web behaviors of end-users who opt-out of behavioral tracking via cookies or web beacons. The feature includes the ability to display a banner to present the end-user with that option; you may add these banners into web applications or landing pages.
If an end-user opts-out of behavioral tracking via cookies or web beacons, then that information is transmitted to the Adobe Campaign tracking server with JavaScript APIs. Please note that some jurisdictions may require that Customer present end-users with an opt-in before an opt-out can be offered (or have other legal requirements), and it is Customer’s responsibility to comply with applicable laws.
When scripting always follow the guidelines described in the Security and Privacy checklist .

Configuring the banner

To be displayed within Web applications or Landing pages, the banner needs to be configured.
Adobe Campaign is delivered with a sample banner that you must adapt to your needs. This banner version appears as a personalization block located in the content model folder. Refer to this page .
To create your own banner, you must personalize the out-of-the-box banner.
To activate the banner, you have to configure the Web application properties. Refer to the Designing a web application section.
If the Web tracking is activated, you can either have:
  • No banner.
  • Configure the banner manually on each page: check this option and select the banner in each page in the page properties.
  • Automatically add the banner to all pages: select the banner directly in the Web application properties.
A compatibility mode is available for the v5 Web application with the same behavior.
The default banner has the following structure:
<div onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.closeOptOutBanner(this);" id="defaultOptOutBanner">
  <p>Please insert your message here
   <a onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.allow();" class="optout-accept">Accept</a>
   <a onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.forbid();" class="optout-decline">Refuse</a>

You must replace the Please insert your message here with the block containing your tracking information. This replacement should be executed in your new personalization block related to the Opt-out banner.
The banner is delivered with a specific CSS. However, you can overwrite the styles when creating and configuring a webpage. Refer to this page .