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Profiles and Audiences FAQ

Learn how to target a population and manage audiences within Adobe Campaign.

How to create recipients?

You can import recipients or create them manually using Campaign client console. Read out this section and learn how to create and manage profiles in Campaign.

How to import profiles?

Discover easy use cases to import profiles in your database. You can also watch this video .

How can I define the target population of a marketing campaign?

You can use workflows to create target population of a marketing campaign. Learn how to create a targeting workflow in a campaign through this video .

How can I create a list of profiles?

A list is a static set of recipients that can be targeted in delivery actions, updated during import operations or workflow execution. For example, a population extracted from the database via a query can supply a list.
Click here to learn more . You can also watch this video about how to create a list manually, and this other video to create and automatically update a list of recipients in a workflow.

How can I deduplicate a population before sending a message?

You can use a workflow to exclude duplicate from the target of a delivery, to avoid sending the same message to a recipient several times.
Click here to learn more through an example.

How to identify and target subscribers to a newsletter?

Discover subscription management in Campaign and learn how to send a message to subscribers .

What is the best practice to exclude profiles from a target population?

Read out this page to learn how to exclude a list of profiles from your target population.