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Installing the client console

The Adobe Campaign console installation procedure is detailed below.
Before you install the Adobe Campaign console, check the prerequisites listed in the Compatibility matrix .
To install the Adobe Campaign console, apply the following steps:
  1. Open a Web browser and download the console from the following address:
  2. In the identification window, enter your login and password.
    If necessary, use the credentials of the internal account defined during instance creation.
  3. Click the Download link on the installation page.
  4. Download and save the client setup file.
  5. Execute the downloaded file on a computer on Windows: The installation starts up. The default installation path of the client console is $PROGRAMFILES$/Adobe/Adobe Campaign Classic vX Client , where 'X' is '6' or '7', according to your Adobe Campaign version.
  6. Once the installation program has finished, start the console from the Windows Start menu (in the Adobe Campaign program group).
On Windows, you can launch the nlclient.exe file directly from the [INSTALL]/bin directory on a Windows server, where [INSTALL] is the access path for the Adobe Campaign installation folder. To create a new connection, refer to Creating an instance and logging on .