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Submitting request to Adobe

To be able to proceed further, make sure that IMS is enabled on your system. Consult the section about IMS .
Once IMS is enabled, you can request provisioning of the People core service/Audience Manager integration with Campaign. To do that, send an email to with the following information:
Request Type: Configure AAM/People core service-Campaign Integration
Organization Name: Your organization name
IMS Org ID Your IMS Org ID. You can find your IMS Org ID on the Experience Cloud, in the **[!UICONTROL Administration]** menu. It is also provided when you first connect to the Adobe Experience Cloud.
Environment: Example: Production
AAM or People Service Example: Adobe Audience Manager
Declared ID* or Visitor ID Example: Declared ID
Additional Information Any useful information or comment that you may have
* Declared ID works for every shared audiences integration. Note that if you are using People core Service, the use of Declared ID can change depending on the solution:
  • If audiences are shared from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Target via People core service, Declared ID can be provisioned.
  • If audiences are shared from Adobe Campaign to Ad Cloud via People core Service, you will not be able to use Declared ID provisioning for historical backfill of audiences. Some latency is also to be expected when building audiences.
  • If audiences are being shared from Adobe Analytics to Adobe Campaign via People Core Service, segments will not be populated in Adobe Campaign with Declared ID .
If you are using Adobe Audience Manager instead of People Core Service, Declared ID will work in all scenarios.
Please raise request for Declared ID provisioning to the following address: .